When my son was about three, he wasn’t scared of anything. In fact, he absolutely loved all things terrifying. He begged me to take him in the Halloween stores constantly, and enjoyed freaking me out with clowns. Then one day, I took him in a local store that specializes in costumes and scary stuff. It had been years since I was in the store, and I forgot just how terrifying it really is. Jake freaked out, I ran out of the store covering his eyes, and ever since then he’s been afraid of his own shadow. Yeah, I took the “rotten mom moment of the year” award for that one. In my defense, the store was a lot less scary when I was last in it before that day. I don’t recall them ever having severed limbs flopping around or freaky evil Leprechauns on display. He started sleeping with me that night, and hasn’t slept in his own bed since. He also started sleeping with approximately 40 stuffed animals, which form a “wall” around him. When I heard about ScareMeNots, I knew they would be perfect for him, because he still has a few weak spots in his defense system.

ScareMeNots are super-cute good monsters that are specially trained at the ScareMeNot Academy to keep alert for “bedtime scaries,” making it easier for children who are afraid of the dark to feel protected and fall asleep. I received “Fearless Fred” for this review, and he couldn’t possibly be a more fitting choice for my son. According to his bio (each monster has one), Fred is “the guy with too much energy.” He has an insatiable curiosity, acts impulsively at times, and regularly attempts the impossible. Basically, Fred is Jake’s alter-monster-ego! Fred is also a self-proclaimed “monster arts” expert, and he is one of the few monsters to wear the special Bravery Crown.


When Fred arrived, Jake gave me all of about 30 seconds to take a picture before whisking his new monster off on an adventure. So far, Fred has enjoyed a “get to know you” picnic with some of Jake’s other favorites, guarded the door that leads to the garage, and practiced his scary roar on the dogs. I was impressed with how big and soft Fred is. His tail is super long, with a loop at the end (that attaches to itself with velcro), allowing Jake to hang him pretty much anywhere. We tried him on the closet, since that’s always a source of potential paranormal activity according to Jake (and just about every other child on the planet).

There are currently eight different full-sized ScareMeNot monsters, each with their own personality and special ability. Each one also comes in travel-size. From Defender Dave to Protector Patty, the monsters are designed to appeal to both boys and girls.
BUY THEM– You can purchase ScareMeNots at their website. The full-sized monsters retail for $24.99, and the travel-sized for $14.99. Right now, they are having a special deal: Anyone that purchases a full sized Valiant Valerie will receive a travel sized Valerie for free.

Note- This review was connected to a giveaway, which has ended. The winner received one ScareMeNot Monster of her choice.


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