I have weddings on my mind lately, since my little brother is getting married next September. I’ve been married twice, but never actually had a wedding. In fact, the second time I was married (technically, I’m still married, but that’s a whole different long and complicated story) we didn’t even have wedding bands. At first it was because we couldn’t really afford them, then it became a statement of how we didn’t need them to prove we were married. After a few years, it just became one of those things where we thought since we never had them, why bother getting them now?

Well, to be totally honest,  I secretly always wanted a wedding ring. I’ve always been more of a book worm than a jewelry fanatic. I’m not one of those girls that goes all googly-eyed over a giant diamond, like my good friend who practically has to be dragged from the jewelry store window displays. But I still kind of wanted a pretty little wedding band that sparkled just a bit in the sunlight. I may not be a girly girl, but I’m still a girl!

Apples of Gold has really pretty rings, including two tone wedding bands in several different styles. I’ve always been more a fan of silver or white gold, so if I were to choose a two tone band, I would go with one that was mostly white gold with just a little bit of yellow gold, like the Art Deco ring pictured above. I love the intricate swirling flower and petal design  on the band, and the way it leads up to the blossoming lotus flower. I think the lotus design is very fitting, considering it has so many positive meanings in different cultures. The diamond is 1/4 carat, so it’s classy, not overwhelming.

If you are more of a yellow gold type of girl, Apples of Gold has a variety of two tone rings that lean more heavily on the yellow gold side, with just a hint of white gold or platinum in the interior part of the band and around the diamond. Some of the diamonds on the site are huge, while others are on the smaller side, so there is a pretty good selection for most budgets.  Apples of Gold also has really beautiful sets featuring other gemstones, some of which look like they came straight out of a fairy tale.


Disclosure- This is a sponsored post. My opinions, however, are my own.




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