Amazon has some fantastic deals, which is why I spend so much time creating massive wish lists on their site. I rely on them a lot during the holidays, when prices drop significantly on certain toys for a few hours or days. The problem is, I’m way too busy to sit there and try to search out every deal every day. Even if I had the spare time to do so, I’d rather spend it doing something a little more entertaining than scoping out deals. Fortunately,’s Amazon Discount Finder does most of the work for me.

To use the Amazon Discount Finder, just head to the site, find the category you want to shop through, and click on the discount level you are looking for. The discounts range from 25% to 70%. The Amazon Discount Finder is perfect for those times when Amazon doesn’t have a specific code on the item you need most, or you just want to browse and find out what’s on sale in that particular category. While you can find the same information on Amazon, with the Discount Finder, you only need to click once, versus at least 2-3 clicks to get where you want to go on Amazon itself.

If you are looking for a specific code, APCodes does have an up-to-date listing of current promo codes for Amazon. They also offer a toolbar so you can make sure you never miss a sale opportunity again. The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Check them out today, they have a Kindle giveaway going on right now.


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