Nutrisystem Week 6: Incorporating More ExerciseNow that I’m nearly two months into the Nutrisystem Success For Women plan, I think I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of the whole system. I’m eating better (most of the time, anyway) and don’t feel like I’m being deprived. I still think I need to kick it up a notch to get past this plateau though, so I’m really trying to incorporate more exercise into my life. The thing is, I’m not really a “workout at the gym” type of girl. In fact, I’m not really a workout type at all. For me, exercise needs to feel like something other than, well, exercise if I’m going to stick with it.

One thing I’ve been doing lately is trying to get outside more. I dragged my son and boyfriend on a “nature adventure” last week. The first part of said adventure was a total bust because it was freezing out. It all ended well, though, when the boyfriend took us to a waterfall close to my house. I climbed rocks, my son had a great time, and I felt like we accomplished “Operation Get Boy Child Away From XBOX For the Day.” In fact, he had so much fun, we went back a few days later.

So now that it’s almost Spring (yay!), I’m thinking I definitely want to start engaging in more outdoorsy-type activities. Maybe I’ll actually go hiking this year! I haven’t gone since I was a kid. Plus, with my Nutrisystem lunch bars, it’ll be easy to pack a quick, nutritious lunch that doesn’t take up much space in my backpack. I’m definitely looking forward to spending some time in the great outdoors. While I don’t think I’m ever going to get into camping (it’s a great concept until bedtime), I think it would do all of us some good to get out of the house once in a while.


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