Nutrisystem Week 12: Reasonable Expectations and Positive AttributesI’m coming up on the end of my third month on the Nutrisystem Success For Women plan, and I’ve been thinking a lot about reasonable expectations lately. I thought I would go on a diet and drop like 50 pounds in a few months. That wasn’t reasonable or realistic though, and certainly wouldn’t have been healthy. Nutrisystem is all about being healthy, and changing your eating habits for the better. It’s not just about eating their food, but learning to make better choices so when the time comes to leave their plan, you’ve set yourself up for future successes. Nothing undermines success more than unreasonable goals, though.

I think it’s really important for women (and men) to be realistic when it comes to losing weight. I’ll be honest, I was never one of those girls that fit into size 0 pants. I was never even a size 3 girl! I developed at an early age, and I’ve always been a little on the curvier side. I was relatively thin in high school, but never exactly rail-thin. So why on earth do I think it’s reasonable to assume I’ll ever be that thin now? I mean, I’m even more…uh..developed than I was back then (that’s the polite way of saying I’m well-endowed in the chest area), and I’ve given birth. A healthy weight is attainable, and I continue to strive for that. Rail-thin, however,  is not in my cards.

You know what though, I think I’m pretty okay with that! I think awesome women come in all shapes in sizes. Maybe I’ll never be a size 3, but I do have other positive attributes.  For one, I have really great hair! Seriously, when it comes to the hair department, I got all the good genes from the women in my family. Sometimes it misbehaves and curls when I want it to be straight, or straightens when I want it to curl, but overall, I have to say that I am really happy with it. I’m not bragging here, I’m merely pointing out something about myself that I like, which is something more women need to do.

I have a c-section scar, and I’m never going to have a flat stomach. I’ll never wear a bikini (mostly because it’s not my style anyway). On the other hand, I have an amazing kid that came out of that c-section. He’s smart, funny, and downright adorable. Given the choice between a flat stomach and my kid, I’ll take my kid any day. I have dimples in my cheeks. I used to think they made me look like a kid. Now, well, at 36, I’ll take anything that makes me look younger! I have good skin too, most of the time! Most important of all, I think I’m a pretty good person, and that matter a lot more than my size. Nutrisystem is helping me get my healthier in more ways than just weight, it’s helping me have a more positive view of myself in general. I may never be a size three, but I still think I can be pretty awesome.


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