I received a super freaking cool shirt inspired by Firefly from Redbubble as a thank you for writing about how much the site rocks for all  holiday gifts needs. This post also contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own, including the fact that the site does totally rock.
Redbubble: Your Source of Totally Shiny Gifts for Her!

Have I mentioned lately how much I am madly in love with Redbubble? I found out about the awesome site that features indie designs on everything from t-shirts to i-phone covers last year around this time. I’ve been hooked since. I can spend hours upon hours pouring through their site checking out fun designs. It is just such an incredibly cool site!

Redbubble Gifts for Firefly Fans

Redbubble Firefly

Last year I focused on using Redbubble to find great gifts for him. They even appeared in my super popular (to my pleasant surprise) Unique Father’s Day gifts post back in May. This year, though, I decided to get a little something for my own inner FanGirl. Redbubble, after all, isn’t just a site for things guys like! It’s really a great site for gifts for the whole family. I received an awesome “I’m a Leaf on the Wind” shirt inspired by the fabulous and sorely missed Joss Whedon show “Firefly.” It took me two hours to choose this particular shirt. Other Firefly-inspired shirts including these beauties:

I really wanted all of them so it was hard to choose just one for now. The “Cancel Glee and Renew Firefly” may be my second favorite, just because I don’t understand the concept of Glee. Firefly is way better. Just sayin’. I absolutely love my shirt. This is the second shirt I’ve received from them, so I feel like I can attest to the overall quality. The shirts are made of soft cotton material and don’t shrink (at least not that I’ve noticed, and I’ve watched the first shirt like 50 times since last year). The print doesn’t crackle or fade, even after numerous washings. These are really amazing quality t-shirts!

Other Amazing Redbubble Gifts for Her

Don’t know a Firefly fan? Well first, get some better friends! Don’t worry, while Redbubble is an amazing source for gifts for the inner geek or fangirl, you’ll also find plenty of other amazing “gifts for her.” Perhaps you surprised your daughter with a new iPhone and now you need a cover. Well, first, come be my mom because I need an iPhone too! Then check out these cuties:

Redbubble has so many different styles and types of gifts for her. From beautiful calenders to funny t-shirts to retro prints, no matter what you’re interested in, you will definitely find something that you love. Not sure what your intended recipient would want? How about giving a Redbubble gift card?

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