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How My HP Envy Rove Intel All-in-One Saved my Back...And my Dog's #IntelAIOAfter My AIO


I’ve been using my HP Envy Rove Intel All-in-One computer for about 5 months now. I find new reasons to love it every day. It’s fast, fun and full of amazing features that make my life easier. From awesome Windows 8 photo editing apps to fun software suites, it really is such a fabulous machine. One thing I really appreciate about my Intel AIO, though, is how much easier it is on my back!

See, with my old desktop computer, I was pretty much tied to one spot- a little nook in my kitchen (pictured above). I imagine it’s supposed to be some sort of bill-paying center. Maybe a spot where people once say to plan meals or something. Whatever they used it for, it wasn’t intended for sitting at for 12 hours a day. The only chair we have that was tall enough for it was this clunker:

Intel AIO 1

That chair has like no real cushioning to speak of and was incredibly uncomfortable after about the second hour of my work day. The high counter meant that I was resting my arm on a hard surface so I could reach the mouse right. I had no idea how much damage that was doing to the nerve in my arm until I started losing feeling in my fingers. Turns out I have bilateral carpal tunnel and the angle I was typing at was making it worse. I kid you not, I used to cry after a long day of working at home. There were nights I cried right through my work.

On top of the bilateral carpal tunnel I also have (in no particular order of severity, because it all hurts!): three herniated disks in my lower back, degenerative arthritis also in the lower back, two bulging disks and a pinched nerve in my neck, plus severe recurring headaches. I don’t know how I got so banged up at only 38. The back problems started when I was 13, so I’m kind of convinced all the trees I fell out of as a kid had something to do with it!

How did the Intel All-in-One Save my Back?

How can a computer save your back? Well, save may be stretching. I still have problems and it still hurts, but since I realized that I wasn’t locked into that terrible counter space anymore, I’ve been so much more comfortable! I moved my HP Envy Rove to our dining room table. It’s so light, when we eat dinner I can move it back if I need to. We’re not big “eat at the dining room table” people, so honestly, I only have to move it for special occasions.

Intel AIO 2

Sal bought me a nice office chair that I can finally use. It was too short for the counter space. It’s perfect for my new work space. I use a dining chair as my side table. There is even a spot right behind me for my faithful pooch, Tasha. Isn’t she pretty? She loves sitting near me while I work. Before, she used to try to cram herself under the counter in that little nook. Now, she can sprawl out. Much better for her achy old bones. So see, the HP Envy Rove even helps save my dog’s back!

Intel AIO 3

Seriously, it is SUCH an improvement. While I’ll pretty much have pain for the rest of my life, at least it’s manageable compared to how bad it was from sitting in that uncomfortable chair and totally unergonomic spot all day! For that alone, I’m so grateful for my Intel All-in-One.

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