Looking for a way to turn your little phone or tablet (or even your big computer!) into a powerhouse of sound? You have to check out the Modre speaker by Lepow! I received a complimentary Modre to facilitate this review and it’s just such a neat little speaker!

Lepow Modre 3

I love my Android tablet that Sal got me for our anniversary back in 2012. It’s been a constant companion on trips and at work. Sal loves it just as much. During his downtime, he’s usually playing one zombie game or another. That guy loves zombies! He also loves listening to music on the tablet. He takes it to the room so he doesn’t disturb anyone. I go in and find him curled up on the bed with the tablet on his chest so he can actually hear it.

See, as much as I love my tablet, it really doesn’t have the best sound system. While it seems incredibly loud when it’s alerting me every five minutes that I have an email, it’s lacking when it comes to playing music. Really, it’s not the tablet’s fault. I mean, they weren’t really designed for acting as stereo systems, now were they? That’s where my cute little Modre speaker comes in handy!

Modre by Lepow is, as you can see, an adorable little elephant-trunk-shaped speaker. It comes in a cute carrying cup. Don’t let its sweet little appearance fool you, though. This itty bitty speaker is quite the powerhouse of sound! While it’s small enough to fit in my hand, it’s loud enough to fill an entire room with music. Even better, it doesn’t have to be hooked up to anything to make it work.

“How does the Modre work”, you ask?

Why thanks for asking! The Modre is a Bluetooth speaker. You turn it on at the bottom, then turn on the Bluetooth feature on your device. The two kind of just discover each other. It’s like true love! Modre even tells you that it’s pairing. Seriously, it talks to you! I love when inanimate objects talk to me. I find it HIGHLY amusing. I’m easily amused, I know. When it’s done pairing, the voice tells you that too. Then you just play your music and listen. That’s pretty much it!

Lepow Modre 2

Modre comes with a little adapter thingy that goes into the headphone jack if you can’t get it to pair for whatever reason. For some reason, when I paired it with my Intel AIO, it wouldn’t work right. My computer’s speakers kept trying to override it. I plugged it into the headphone jack and it worked perfect. That’s an issue on my end, not with either the computer or the Modre. I just can’t figure out how to make my computer play nice with it, I’m missing a setting somewhere.

At first I was confused as to how to control the volume. I mean, there’s no dial on it or anything! Then I realized that you control it through your device. Easy! The battery life on the Modre is fantastic too. It lasts for 7 hours of playback. Perfect if you’re having a party! Face it, we’re all getting old. Our parties don’t last more than 7 hours these days!

Oh, and it gets better! The Modre also works as a microphone! I didn’t really test out that feature much because I don’t actually talk to anyone. Well, I mean anyone on the computer. I’m more of a “type it out” girl than “talk it out” type. So you get ALL of this in a cute, stylish little package. What more could you want? A good price, you say? Well, how about $34.99 on Amazon right now! The Modre retails for $59.49, so that’s almost a $25 savings! Oh, and it comes in three cute colors!

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Lepow Modre

This photo courtesy of the Lepow website

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