My Unique Father’s Day gift ideas post from last year was such a huge success that I had no idea how I was going to follow it up this year! You guys made one thing clear: your men like zombies and Dr. Who! This year, I rounded up some more unique gifts for totally cool dads.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

Of course, all dads are cool, so who am I to decide what the “cool dads” like? Basically, I watch, listen and observe. I hang out on a lot of different sites and pay attention to what my readers like. So here are some father’s day gift ideas for YOUR cool guy!

Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

Breaking Bad Complete Series

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]Father's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

I’ll be honest with you, this boxed set (barrel set?) is freaking expensive on Blu-ray. Like $300! You can get it on DVD for about half that though. Of course, you could just get the seasons individually, they’ll probably have a few on sale. What makes this Father’s Day gift idea so cool? Look at it! It comes in a money barrel for one thing. It also has a 16 page booklet with letter from Vince Gilligan, an apron and a commemorative challenge coin designed by Vince Gilligan. Basically, a whole lot of extra goodies. I’ve actually never watched this show, but I hear all the cool dads dig it. Have you watched it? Is it something I should check out?

Walking Dead Risk

The Walking Dead Risk Comic Edition Board GameFather's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

I never really got into the game Risk. I could never figure out the object. Then again, I’ve never been big on taking over the world. In the Walking Dead version, forget taking over the world, you’ll need to take over the areas that aren’t over-run by zombies, along with all the survival supplies. Become the cool dad with the most influence, grow your band of survivors and take out those walking dead once and for all. The fate of humanity depends on it!

Dalek Potato Head

Dalek Doctor Who Mr. Potato HeadFather's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

Holy crap, did you know they made Dr. Who Mr. Potato Heads? Now, they have a few of the Doctors as spud faces, but I’ve always been quite fond of those little Daleks. Who wouldn’t love a freaky 60s-style robot that goes around threatening to “exterminate” everything in sight, particularly their arch-nemesis, the good Dr. Bonus: this is like the perfect bonding toy for dads and kids. Who doesn’t love Mr. Potato Head?

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads
Where’s Waldo? T-Shirts & Hoodies

Is that not like the creepiest Where’s Waldo shirt ever? I found it at RedBubble. You do know about my RedBubble addiction, right? If your cool guy isn’t into creepy, murderous Waldo, spend some time browsing on the site. I guarantee (not like, legally binding guarantee) that you WILL find the perfect unique father’s day gift for your cool guy. They have like every geeky cool thing you can think of, from Firefly to Zombies to, well, prettier and not so violent stuff. Best t-shirt site ever. Plus they sell a ton of other stuff, like prints and what not.

Game of Thrones

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones Pint Glass Set: Stark and BaratheonFather's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

This is another show that I never really had a chance to watch but am dying to see. Now, they also have Game of Thrones shot glasses, but I figured pint glasses are more diverse. I mean, not all dads drink booze, right? But a pint glass can be used for pretty much any tasty beverage! Plus, there are two, so if you watch the show together, you can both have a glass! Although, really, getting your hubby a gift just because YOU want to use it…probably not cool.


Darth Vader

Darth Vader and SonFather's Day Gift Ideas for Cool Dads

Holy cuteness! It’s a retelling of Darth and Luke’s relationship as if Darth was actually around to raise his child, rather than off being an evil Sith Lord (um, that’s right, isn’t it? My Star Wars is a bit rusty since my son moved on to a new fascination, not telling you what it is because you’ll call me a bad mom). Life lessons include lightsaber batting practice, using the Force to raid the cookie jar. This is such a cute book for your child to give as a gift to his super cool dad. Reading it together will be a fun bonding experience.


So there you have it, six unique Father’s Day gift ideas for cool dads. Why six? Because five is boring and my attention span can’t handle ten. Hey, I’m still recovering from surgery! Which idea do you like best?