You know what I think it’s about time for? Some great summer hair care tips for those of us with crazy-thick hair!

Summer Hair Care Tips for Crazy Thick Hair

I see so many tips for people with fine hair and I get a little jealous. I mean, first of all, they can twist and turn their hair into easy-peasy buns without getting screaming migraines from having ten tons of weight piled on their heads! Plus, there are like ten million articles on how to get thicker hair, make your hair look thicker, blah blah blah. I get it, I am lucky to have thick hair. It does, however, come with its own set of problems, especially in the summer!

It seems like thick hair just isn’t on the radar when it comes to hair care tips. 🙁 So to remedy this gross under-representation, I’m sharing MY tips for dealing with my crazy thick hair in the summer!

Summer Hair Care Tips for Crazy-Thick Hair

(The portion of this post about Snappee is a review. I received complimentary hair ties, but my opinions are my own. The rest of this post is non-sponsored, but links back to other reviews I’ve done.)

Fire Up the Flat Iron: So many summer hair care tips tell us NOT to use heat during the summer. Usually, I’d agree. For your hair’s health, it’s a good tip. When you’re carting around two feet of thick hair, though, a flat iron becomes your bff. I reviewed the Karmin last year and still love it because it gets my hair super straight, which lets more breeze run through it. Plus, the flatness lasts several days if I don’t wash it. In the summer, I do need to touch it up when the humidity gets to it, but it’s still better than bushy thick hair hanging wild and hot!

Summer Hair Care Tips for Crazy Thick Hair

Straightened with the Karmin last year. My actual hair, but it’s shorter now. And more violet.

Rinse, don’t wash: If your hair is like mine, washing it every day can dry it out fast. Yet you don’t want to walk around feeling all sweaty and gross, or leave chlorine gunk in your hair after swimming. Instead of going through a full wash cycle with your hair, just rinse it out really good, then condition it. Use a really good shampoo every couple of days.

Swim Smarter: Chlorine is very mean to hair, especially with thick hair that tends to be dryer than our fine-locked friends. Before you dive into the pool, soak your hair with regular water. Use the shower in the changing room or wet it before you go, then bring a spray bottle to give it an extra douse before getting in the pool. Wet hair doesn’t soak up as much chlorine. It’s like a sponge that is already full. For extra protection, coat it with leave-in conditioner. If you have long thick hair, go the extra step and put it up in a bun or pony tail. That way, it doesn’t feel like it’s dragging you down in the pool!

Use leave-in conditioner with sunscreen: With crazy thick hair, wearing a hat is out of the question for me. I’m already hot enough, I don’t need to add extra heat to my head! Protect your hair and your scalp by using a leave-in conditioner that contains sunscreen.

Chop it Off: I’m not saying get rid of all that gorgeous hair, but I do get so sick of dealing with my locks in the summer that I end up cutting them up to my shoulders. That’s a lot of hair for me. Thankfully, my hair grows insanely fast. By winter, it’s back down to the middle of my back. If your hair grows fast, consider having two seasons of hair styles: longer in the winter and shorter in the summer.

Summer Hair Care Tips for Crazy Thick Hair

My somewhat messy “staying at home all day” ponytail

Pull it back without pain: Putting your hair in a ponytail or a bun can be painful if you have a lot of hair. It’s even more painful when you have to yank out hair ties that got knotted in your knots!  I received these super cool hair ties called Snappee Snap Off Hair Ties for review and they’re amazing for people with thick hair. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you a little more about them.

With Snappees, you can twist your hair any way you want around the soft fabric hair tie. If it gets knotted, no big deal. Just unsnap it and gently pull it out. Since using them, I’ve gotten zero strands of hair yanked out of my head when I remove my hair tie. It’s just such a brilliant idea.

Snappee Multi Color Snap-Off Hair Ties, THE pain-free solution for thick hair

Snappee Snap Off Hair Ties come in a ton of colors an cost $12.99 for a set of 5. Since they’re made of stretchy spandex and not from elastic, they will last a lot longer than basic hair ties. You can even snap a bunch together to make a headband. After I got my hair cut, I used three to make a head band and one to hold back the hair on my neck. I’m not showing you a picture because it looks ridiculous, it’s my “sitting at home working” hair.

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Do you have any summer hair care tips for thick hair? Tell me in the comments, I could always use more tips!