Need inspiration for your editorial calendar this month? Check out 57 fun writing prompts & blog post ideas for July, complete with ready-to-go titles!

Last month’s 44 Blog Post Ideas for June was such a success that I thought I’d do it again! This time, I have writing topics and blog post ideas for July to help you brainstorm your way through the hot, muggy month. I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time thinking when it’s so hot out! As with last month, these are all ideas that I either didn’t have room for on my own calendar or are so broad that we can all write about it without duplicating ideas (or both). Without further ado, I present 57 blog post ideas for July!

Writing Prompts and Blog Post Ideas for July

Once again, I am breaking this up by post ideas that work all month and writing topics that, while COULD work any time, are perfect for specific holidays. Also, once again, thank you to Brownielocks, my go-to source for all the best “holiday” info.

Blog post ideas & writing topics that work all month long

  • X Ways to Stay Cool without Cranking Up the AC (replace X with your number of ways)
  • X Cell Phone Manners You Wish Your (Teen, Husband, BFF, Neighbor, That Guy Down the Street, ETC) Would Follow (Cell Phone Courtesy Month)
  • Tips for Helping Your Family Pooch Survive the Dog Days of Summer (safety tips, maybe a cool dog-friendly ice-cream recipe, how you help your dog stay cool, etc)
  • X Ways to Make Golfing Fun for Kids (Family Golf Month)
  • What You Need to Know about Fragile X (Fragile X Awareness Month)
  • The Blondie Soundtrack of My Life/ Top 5 Favorite Blondie Songs/Deborah Harry Quotes (International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month)
  • Top 10 Coolest Fanzines Ever (International Zine Month): Fun Fact, I had several fanzines over the years. I almost got kicked out of school for one called “Alice” back in the 90s. My most “famous” one, though, was Dilapidated Zine. I got to interview tons of awesome punk bands through that one. I also volunteered for A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press (Zine World) for a few years, reviewing zines.
  • An Open Letter to Parents Going Through Divorce (National Child-Centered Divorce Month)- Offer your own tips, things you wish you could say when you see divorced parents acting like jerks, etc. I have a few choice words I’d LOVE to say to someone (not my ex, we are amiable), but alas, it would just makes things harder for the kids in the middle.
  • 10 Tips for the Best Cookout Ever (National Grilling Month)
  • X Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in a Child’s Life (National Make A Difference to Children Month)
  • Pictures or a story about a trip to your favorite National Park or Recreation area, or your dream itinerary for a trip to one. There are plenty of free pictures on Pixabay of national parks.  (National Parks & Recreation Month)

Recipes for July

  • Blueberry recipes for National Blueberry Month. I did a roundup of 20 Amazing Blueberry Recipes two years ago, I’ll be doing something this year, not sure what yet.
  • Grilled recipes, like amazing burgers, desserts on the grill, etc.
  • Ice-cream recipes (think outside the bowl, like ice-cream sandwiches, fried ice-cream, or amazing topping ideas.
  • Clever ways to use horseradish in recipes (National Horseradish Month)
  • Hot dogs beyond the bun, fun ways to dress up your hot dog (Hot Dog Month). I’ll be doing one this month!
  • Chocolate recipes for Chocolate Day on July 7th
  • Your favorite Piña Colada Day (July 10th) recipe
  • Garlic Days- 24th – 26th
  • Fun ways to top your French Fries (National French Fries Day,  13th)
  • Recipes using Gummi Worms for Gummi Worm Day on the 15th

First Week of July (1-7th-ish)

  • DIY “Fireworks” crafts (fireworks in a bottle, with straws, etc)- Check out this Glow in the Dark Straw Fireworks craft I made for My Kids Guide last year!
  • What Patriotism Means to Me
  • My Homebirth Story (National Unassisted Homebirth Week)- if you have one, obviously!
  • Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Was Abducted by Aliens? (Rosewell UFO Days: 3rd to 5th)
  • 10 Things I Love about New Jersey- (Be Nice To New Jersey Week, 5th t0 11th)
  • X Easy Ways to Declare Your Independence from Meat (Independence From Meat Day, July 4th)
  • How to Feel More Confident in a Bikini, No Matter What Your Body Shape! (Bikini Day, July 5th)
  • Kiss & Tell: All About My First Kiss! (World Kiss Day, 6th) – If you are married or with someone, obviously you should consider making it about your first kiss with them!
  • How to Forgive & Let Go When Someone Hurts You (Global Forgiveness Day, 7th)

Second Week of July Blog Post Ideas (8-15th-ish)

A whole lot of stuff happens on the 11th!

  • X Tips for Cheering Up Your Friend After a Breakup (Cheer up the Lonely Day, 11th)
  • My Favorite Slurpee Memory (Slurpee Day and 7/11’s Birthday, on, of course, 7/11)- Share a story of a memory you made over Slurpees, a good time you had that involved 7/11, or even a favorite Slurpee recipe. My 7/11 memory involves a blizzard, and it’s how I learned to make my storm of the century mac & cheese!
  • Your thoughts on the state of the world’s population (World Population Day, 11th)- this can get a bit controversial!
  • X Ways to Simplify Your Life (Simplicity Day, 12th)
  • 10 Reasons Why Being a Geek Is Spectacular! (Embrace Your Geekness Day, 13th)- Or 10 Reasons I’m Proud to Be a Geek!

Blog Post Ideas to Celebrate Comic Con (July 9-12)

  • The 10 Greatest Super Heroes of All Time
  • The Comic Book that Made me a Collector
  • 20 Moments Where Joss Whedon Made Me Cry
  • A fan fiction story based on your favorite story or character
  • A Newbie’s Guide to Surviving Comic Con (from those who have been there)
  • XX Greatest Cosplay of All Time
  • How Buffy the Vampire Slayer Changed the World for Teen Girls in Television
  • Comic-Con highlight on one or more of the scheduled events (check the Comic Con schedule here). Pick something that appeals to you and write about what you love about the characters, the idea behind the panel, etc.

Blog Post Ideas for the Third Week of July (16th to the 22nd-ish)

  • X Reasons Why Snakes Make Great Pets (World Snake Day, 16th)- Check out my post, What I Learned about Reptile Care By Snuggling a Python!
  • My “Caviar” Dreams: X Things I’d Buy if Money Was No Object (National Caviar Day, 18th)
  • How to Be More Productive By Eliminating the “Could Haves and the Should Haves (Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day, 18th)
  • X Regrets I’m Letting Go of Today (same holiday as above)
  • X Things I’d take With Me to Mars (Space Exploration Day, 20th)- Great for an affiliate post
  • Contact your local animal shelter and share stories of dogs up for adoption in your area (No Pet Store Puppies Day, 21st)
  • Share you own dog’s rescue story!
  • How to Give a Great Massage (Everybody Deserves A Massage Week,  19th to 25th)

Last Week of July Blog Posts Ideas 

  • Share a story about your cousins for Cousins Day on the 24th
  • 10 of the Funniest Old Jokes You Know You Love (Tell An Old Joke Day, 24th)
  • Share your favorite video games in your family, a story about a video game you loved as a kid or a game review for a new one you just got for Video Games Day on the 25th. Jacob and I LOVE Skylanders Trap Team!
  • How to be The Coolest Aunt on the Block (Aunties Day, 26th)
  • A Thank You Letter to My Best Friend (Friendship Day,  30th)- Write a heartfelt thank you to your BFF for everything she’s done for you, if she’s comfortable with starring on your blog. If not, you can write about the reasons you’re grateful to have such great friends in your life
  • X Things to Do with Your Used Paperback Books (Paperback Book Day, 30th)