I’ve been keeping up with the 2015 Fall beauty trends a lot lately. Between my work and my great love for all things in the makeup & beauty product industry, I feel like I search Bing at least once a day for what’s hot and what’s not. I’ll be honest, some of the upcoming 2015 Fall beauty trends make me want to gag. Fortunately, they’re mostly runway looks. No one will ever implement them in the real world.

Grab your favorite pen & start taking notes. These are the 7 hottest 2015 Fall beauty trends that you'll actually WANT to try!

Some upcoming beauty trends, though, are, well, beautiful! They’re fun and funky, flirty and pretty. A few are practical, a few are “special occasion only.” They’re all hot, though! Grab your favorite pen and get ready to take notes so you can try out these gorgeous 2015 fall beauty trends!

Gorgeous 2015 Fall Beauty Trends

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The Naked Look

Get that mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about your face! Natural makeup may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s totally in this fall!

natural beauty

The Socialite’s Closet has a super post on achieving this look with minimal effort. I recommend checking that out! The key with going natural is to use just enough makeup to cover your problem areas (period pimples, dark circles uneven skin tones) and slightly play up your best features without looking like you’ve spent all day in front of a mirror.

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Return of the Red Hot Lip

Red lipstick was out for a few seasons. Now it’s back. Personally, I think it’s a classic that never goes out of style, so I’m happy to see that it’s “officially” trending again.

Red Lipstick

The thing with red lips: you have to do it right or you just look like a clown. Know your tone. Glamcheck has a stellar tutorial on mastering the art of red lips, including choosing the right undertone for your skin color, proper application and even what you should wear with red lips.

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Line Like an Egyptian

When it comes to eyeliner, the ancient Egyptians are back in style! This fall, the subtle cat’s eye look is still in, but the winged Egyptian arrow look is picking up major steam too.

Winged Eyeliner Fall 2015 Beauty

Not sure you can pull it off without looking like your toddler went all Etch-a-Sketch on your eyelids? Stylecraze has a fab tutorial. If you don’ t love the look of all the lines, you can just pull out one wing and leave off the extras. Anything goes, it’s your face after all!

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Warm Rosy Cheeks

So long, severe blush lines and over-sculpting that makes you look like a statue. Rosy and peachy cheeks are in. Think “first crush” blush. Sweet, beautiful and easy to accomplish when you’re in a rush to get out the door!

Rose Blush

No tutorials needed for this one, just sweep a complimentary shade across your cheeks and go.

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Smoky Eye…With a Twist

The smoky eye look will probably never go out of style, but this season it finds itself with a new twist. Yes, the tried and true blacks and silvers are still reining supreme, but other colors are joining their ranks.


Feel free to get smoky with not-so-smoky shades, like blues, purples and greens! Anything goes! I love this tutorial from Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary. It’s for traditional colors, but should work well for any colors.

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Bedazzled Faces

This season, jewels and gems- especially along your lash line- are totally in, but there is NO WAY in any dimension that you’re getting me in any sort of piercing chair. I love the look of piercings on others, but I don’t do needles. Nope.  Plus I just don’t think it’s all that safe to pierce anything so very close to your peepers.

Bedazzled Eyes

Fortunately, you can totally bedazzle your eyeballs without actually risking your vision…much. You could theoretically wound yourself putting on eyeliner, and these gems don’t really carry much more risk than that. They’re pretty when done in moderation for a fancy night out. For a day at the office, though, they may be a bit much!

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Pretty in Pink Eyeshadow

When I saw this on the runway models in the magazines, I thought it was so ugly. But then, runway models so often look alien to me. Then I saw it on real people and it just looked so pretty!

Pink eyeshadow

I think you really have to balance this look on your face with a similar (yet less dramatic) blush and lipstick or gloss. It’s kind of a dramatic statement. If you do it wrong,it looks like you have some sort of eye infection (or like you’re slowly becoming the Walking Dead!). The trend leans towards paler pinks, but honestly, I think more of a purple-pink is the way to go.

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While there are dozens of different 2015 fall beauty trends, these are among my favorites for makeup. I love that there’s such a great mix of styles, from daytime natural looks to nighttime WOW glamour style. Sal’s daughter is an absolute genius with makeup. Seriously, her talent blows me away. She’s going to be famous one day.  I think I’ll have to take her shopping and pick up some new makeup so we can play around with the new trends. Her sweet 16 is next month, so she’s due for a shopping spree anyway.

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Which of the 2015 Fall beauty trends are you in love with? Which could you do without? It’s okay if you don’t like the same ones I do, I won’t be hurt! We all like different things!