OMG, I am SO late with this month’s blog post ideas post! So sorry about that! I swear, it was just October 1st like two seconds ago. Where did the first week go? Since I’m already a week late, I’ll keep the jabbering to a minimum here are your writing prompts for October!

Fill the gaps in your editorial calendar with over 90 blog post ideas and writing prompts for October.

October Blog Post Ideas & Writing Prompts

As always, I’ve gone through the national and international holidays to get inspired. You can find a complete list of these days on BrownieLocks. The titles are suggestions and thought starters. Take them as is if you like them, tweak them, or just get inspired by them! It’s totally up to you.

10 Halloween Blog Post Ideas

October is all about Halloween. It’s a little late to get them indexed on Google and all that jazz, but there’s still time to spread a bit of Halloween fun! I went a little nuts on the Halloween blog post ideas on my own calendar and have quite a bit of overflow. Plus there are other ideas that you really never can get enough of! Check out these beauts for your editorial calendar:

  • X of the Most Amazing Pumpkin Carvings You’ll Ever See
  • How to Make a Gorgeous Pumpkin without Touching a Carving Knife
  • X Ways to Paint Pumpkins with Kids
  • X Fun Ways to Use All Those Mini Pumpkins You Bought at the Patch (yeah, I go overboard with those things!)
  • Halloween Costume Ideas Using Items You Already Own
  • Upcylced Halloween Costumes for Kids (similar to the last one, but using things like cardboard boxes, etc)
  • X of the Most Spectacular Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube
  • X Pumpkin Recipes That Don’t Require a Culinary Degree to Make (like my Real Pumpkin Mocha Latte, hint, hint)

real pumpkin mocha latte recipe 2

  • How to Trick or Treat with a Child Who’s Terrified of Monsters (been there, done that, got a closet full of t-shirts)
  • How to Hide from Halloween (for those who don’t particularly like the holiday, could be a humorous post!)

42 Blog post ideas & writing topics that work all month long

Cooper Only Natural Pet

  • Share a story about how you adopted your dog for Dog Adoption Month
  • X Fun Bat-Inspired Crafts for Kids (Bat Appreciation Month)
  • How to Make a Bat House for Your Backyard
  • X Weird Facts About Bats You Probably Didn’t Know
  • X Companies Who Excel in Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer
  • What to Expect from Your First Mammogram (for those who have been through it)
  • X Ways to Inspire Your Kids to Stand Up to Bullies (Bullying Prevention Month)
  • How I Kicked the Caffeine Habit Once and For All (Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month, and something I’ll never be able to write about)
  • What It’s Really Like to Live with Celiac Disease (Celiac Disease Awareness Month)
  • X Best Gluten-Free Recipes for People with Celiac Disease
  • How to Teach Your Child to Speak Two Languages at the Same Time (Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month)
  • How to Feel More Confident About Attending Your High School Reunion (Class Reunion Month)
  • How to Help Your Child Say No to Dissection In School (Cut Out Dissection Month)
  • What Do You Do When You Know Your Friend is Being Abused by a Partner? (Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and men can be victims too)
  • X Things You Probably Don’t Understand About Dyslexia (Dyslexia Awareness Month)
  • X Ways Your Wrecking Your Own Emotional Health (Emotional Wellness Month)
  • X Fair Trade Products You Didn’t Know Your Home was Missing (Fair Trade Month)
  • How to Plan for Your Future When You Can’t Even Afford Today  (Financial Planning Month)
  • X Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Embrace Diversity Throughout Life (Global Diversity Awareness)
  • How to Become More Literate About Your Own Health (Health Literacy Month)
  • Benefits of Letting Your Child Walk to School (International Walk To School Month )
  • X Reasons Why Bowling is One of the Best Family Activities (Learn To Bowl Month)
  • X LGBT People Who Made an Amazing Impact on the World (LGBT History Month)
  • How to Inspire Your Kids to Think for Themselves (Month of Free Thought, and I am so disturbed that it is only a month. Every minute of every day should be “Free Thought” time).
  • Tips for Talking to Your Kids About AIDS (National AIDS Awareness Month)
  • What to Do When You See Someone Mistreating Their Pets (National Animal Safety and Protection Month)
  • X Amazing Artists [or authors, musicians, etc] Who Changed My Life (National Arts & Humanities Month)
  • X Cookbooks that Even Novice Cookers Can Understand (then send me a link, because I need a few!)
  • If you’re comfortable sharing, it’s National Critical Illness Awareness Month, so you could talk about your own illness or that of someone close to you and spread awareness.
  • How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Crime (pick a crime, any crime! Get tips from police officers if you have contacts, it’s National Crime Prevention Month)
  • X Things You Never Think About Protecting on Your Computer Until it’s too Late (National Cyber Security Awareness Month)
  • How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth Without Grouching (National Dental Hygiene Month)
  • How to Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist (same as above, and send me the link!)
  • Share your own depression story, if you’re comfortable with it, for National Depression Education & Awareness Month
  • X Products that Will Make Your Life as a WAHM More Comfortable (National Ergonomics Month)
  • How to Explain the Birds and the Bees to Your Child (National Family Sexuality Education Month – Let’s Talk!)
  • A Homeschooler’s Mom’s Tips for Planning an Amazing Field Trip (National Field Trip Month)
  • 10 Reasons I LOVE Seeing Your Nasty Politics All Over Facebook! (National Sarcastic Awareness Month- see what I did there?)
  • How to Cope After Losing Your Baby- probably best if this is a personal story, because it’s one of those things I think we really can’t get unless we’ve gone through it.  (National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month)
  • X Things You Need to Know about Preventing RSV (National RSV Awareness Month)
  • X Signs That Your Child Is Experimenting With Drugs (National Substance Abuse Prevention Month )
  • Squirrel Awareness Month. That is all I have to say about that. I don’t even know where to go with it, but I wanted to put it out there. Also note that it is different that Squirrel Appreciation Day. A squirrel once threw an acorn at my head. It hurt. I suppose we should be aware of the beasts.

19 Recipe Post Topics for October

  • Apple Recipes galore for Apple Month
  • The perfect grilled cheese sandwich recipe for American Cheese Month
  • Corn recipes for Corn Month (think the best corn on the cob, corn chowder, corn casserole)
  • Ham? It’s Go Hog Wild – Eat Country Ham month, but I don’t know what that means. I don’t eat ham. It’s also National Pork Month.
  • Italian Recipes with an Americanized twist for Italian-American Heritage Month
  • Beautiful cake or cupcake recipes, decorating all pretty for National Bake and Decorate Month
  • Caramel recipes for National Caramel Month

97 Blog Post Ideas & Writing Prompts for October

  • Your best Chili recipe for Chili Month
  • National Seafood Month recipes
  • Pizza recipes for Pizza Month (didn’t we have one of these a few months ago? In any case, it’s always pizza month here!)
  • Spinach Lovers Month recipes
  • Best Vegetarian Recipes for Vegetarian Month
  • Start roasting those chestnuts for National Chestnut Week: 11-17
  • Cook up some delicious down-south recipes for Southern Food Heritage Day: 11
  • Oh the many ways you could go for National Pasta Day: 17
  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day: 18
  • Whip up something rich and delicious for National Chocolate Day: 28 (like my favorite triple chocolate minty bark!)
  • National Candy Corn Day: 30
  • National Caramel Apple Day: 31st

14 Week 2 Blog Post Ideas (Since I screwed up, I’m just going to skip the first week) 11th-17th

  • Helping Your Child Set & Reach Goals to Boost Self-Confidence (Kids’ Goal Setting Week: 5-9)
  • Food Drive Ideas, how to get people involved, where to donate, etc (National Food Bank Week: 11-17)
  • Why We Still Need to Work to Protect Freedom of Speech in America (Freedom of Speech Week: 19-25)
  • X Ways to Make Your Teen a Better Driver (National Teen Drivers Safety Week: 18-24)
  • X YA Books on My Top Ten List (Teen Read Week: 18-24)
  • Rainforest activities and crafts for kids (World Rainforest Week: 12-18 )
  • X Ways to Encourage Your Daughter to Be Her Best Self (International Day of The Girl: 11)
  • Secrets to Finding the Best Food Trucks in Your Area (National Food Truck Day: 11)
  • How to Pick Yourself Back Up After a Major Fail (International Day for Failure: 13)
  • How to Face Your Biggest Fears and Conquer Them (National Face Your Fears Day: 13 )
  • X Gifts for the Special Sailor in Your Life (Navy’s Birthday, the 13th)
  • Spider-Man crafts, recipes, etc for Spider-Man Day on the  14th
  • X Lessons I Learned From  I Love Lucy (I Love Lucy Day: 15)
  • X Outfits So Guady, They’re Absolutely Awesome (Wear Something Gaudy Day: 17)

6 Week 3 Blog Post Ideas 18th-24th

  • How to Get Started with Origami (World Origami Days, 24th through November 11th)
  • X of the Coolest Pictures Taken by Toy Cameras (World Toy Camera Day: 18)
  • How to Get Rid of All the Junk on Your Desktop Once and For All (National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day: 19)
  • Tips for Choosing the Best Pet Reptile for Your Family (Reptile Awareness Day: 21)- Check out my post on things you need to know before getting a snake!
  • Should You be Worried If Your Child Stutters? (International Stuttering Awareness Day: 22)
  • X Ways You Can Make a Difference in Someones Life Without Spending a Dime (Make A Difference Day: 24)

6 Week 4 Ideas (the rest of the month)


  • Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day on the 25th. Just like squirrel month, I have nothing further to add.
  • X Beautiful Gifts for Your Mother in Law (Mother-in-Law Day: 25)
  • How to Help Out at Home When Your Friend is Deployed (National Day of The Deployed: 26)
  • Cat pictures, stories or tips for playing with your kitty for National Cat Day on the 29th
  • Mischief Night Fun at Home (basically, to keep your older kids from TPing someone’s house!)
  • Top X Best Retellings of Frankenstein for Frankenstein Friday on the 30th

I think that’s 97. My math could be a little off, it’s never been my strong point. I promise to try to be on time next month!