Ready for your November blog post ideas? I’m actually pretty close to on time this month! Hey, it’s not my fault the 1st fell on a Sunday, and the 2nd fell on my “fall back” jet lag day. Time changes mess me up for like weeks I tell you, weeks!  Although I do like “fall back” way more than “spring ahead.” Extra sleep is always welcome.

Fill the gaps in your editorial calendar with over 100 blog post ideas and writing prompts for November! Broken down into easy categories, with post ideas for all month and by week, recipe ideas and Thanksgiving writing prompts.

Anyway, this month is crazy busy, especially in the blogging world. We have so many options to choose from, especially if you’re a food or craft blogger. Me? I try, but you know I can’t really pull off anything complicated. I’ll throw a few easy desserts your way, maybe a craft or two if I get around to it. I actually did make a cool string art craft for a fun giveaway coming up this week.

Enough of my rambling, I’ll get on with the November blog post ideas and writing prompts already. As always, you can use the titles as is or tweak til your heart’s content. The holidays that inspired them follow the colon, and I’ve broken the list down by the usual categories: posts that work all month, by the week, recipe themes, and special themes (this month’s is Thanksgiving). Replace XX with the number of things you come up with in your list.

Once again, thanks to Brownielocks for their amazing list, which is where I go to get all the updated holidays for every month. They actually have a day on November 24th, so Happy Bday to them!

11 Thanksgiving Related Blog Post Ideas (Beyond the Basic Turkey Recipe!)

100+ Blog Posts Ideas & Writing Prompts for November

  • XX Thanksgiving Meal Ideas for People Who Can’t Stand Turkey
  • XX Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes
  • Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Sides Your Guests Will Love
  • XX Ways to Show Gratitude on Thanksgiving
  • How to Have a Special Thanksgiving When You’re All Alone
  • Thanksgiving Ideas for Small Families (it’s just me, my mom and my son this year)
  • Thanksgiving Gratitude Craft for Kids
  • The Easiest Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe Ever (a simple dessert recipe for people who can’t cook! Like my Heaven’s Delight recipe!)
  • XX Stores That Aren’t Open on Thanksgiving (for people who don’t want to ruin other people’s holidays)
  • XX Online Stores With Amazing Thanksgiving Deals (so you don’t have to leave the house!)
  • A Newbie’s Guide to Surviving Black Friday

23 Blog post ideas & writing topics that work all month long

100+ Blog Posts Ideas & Writing Prompts for November

  • Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog (or Cat, Guinea Pig, etc): Adopt A Senior Pet Month
  • XX Pet Products That Make Caring for Your Older Dog Easier
  • XX Things You May Not Know About Living With Diabetes: American & National Diabetes Month
  • XX Ways to Learn about Native Americans from the Source (you could share stories if you have Native American relatives or are one yourself, list books written by Native Americans, museums that you’d recommend, etc): American Indian Heritage Month
  • Beyond Amelia: Outstanding Women in Aviation History: Aviation History Month
  • What to Expect When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Epilepsy (this would be something from one parent who has gone through it written to those who may be dealing with a new diagnosis): Epilepsy Awareness Month
  • Family story project for Family Stories Month (could be ideas on how to gather stories, a craft on putting stories together in a bound book, family scrapbook ideas, etc).
  • How to Get Your Kids to Really Listen When You Talk About Not Smoking: Lung Cancer Awareness Month
  • XX Fun Facts about Manatees: Manatee Awareness Month
  • Get your guy (or if you’re a guy, do it yourself) involved in Movember! Have him grow his mustache or beard and write about his reasons for doing it.
  • XX Easy Ways to Show a Little Love to Military Families Near and Far: Military Family Appreciation Month
  • If applicable, share a story about how your life has been touched by adoption for National Adoption Month
  • How to Take Care of Yourself When Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s: National Alzheimer’s Disease Month
  • XX Tips to Get Over Your Fears and Dive Into a New Business Venture: National Entrepreneurship Month
  • Share your favorite skin care products for National Healthy Skin Month
  • XX Inspirational Celebs You Actually WANT Your Kids to Look Up To: National Inspirational Role Models Month
  • Share a story about why you decided to add your name to the bone marrow registry for National Marrow Awareness Month
  • XX Ways We’re Spending More Time Reading Together as a Family: National Family Literacy Month
  • How to Buckle Down and Write, Even When You’re Feeling Uninspired: National Novel Writing Month
  • XX Ways to Break Through Writers Block: also for NaNoWriMo
  • XX Scholarships You Might Not Know About…And How to Get Them!: National Scholarship Month
  • XX Perfect Picture Books for Kids (choose an age group, like 10 perfect picture books for kids in kindergarten, or choose a topic, X picture books about manatees, two birds one stone with that one!): Picture Book Month
  • If applicable, share your preemie’s story for Prematurity Awareness Month. This is an important topic to me, as Jake was born 8 weeks early. Read part of Jacob’s story here.

100+ Blog Posts Ideas & Writing Prompts for November

19 Recipe Post Ideas for November

  • Banana Dirt Pudding Recipe: Banana Pudding Lovers Month (Dirt puddings are huge on Pinterest lately)
  • Banana pudding poke cake recipe
  • Gluten-Free anything for Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month
  • XX Pecan Recipes Beyond the Pie: National Georgia Pecan Month
  • Pomegranate recipes for National Pomegranate Month
  • How to make your own peanut butter for National Peanut Butter Lovers Month
  • Sweet Potato Beyond the Casserole: Recipes for Sweet Potato Awareness Month
  • Vegan Recipes So Amazing, You’ll Never Miss the Meat!: Vegan Month
  • Figs- Not Just for Figgy Pudding! : National Fig Week: 1-7

100+ Blog Posts Ideas & Writing Prompts for November

  • Bread-Free Sandwich Recipes: Sandwich Day: 3rd (also works for Gluten-Free month)
  • How to Make Your Own _____ Candy: National Candy Day, 4th
  • Your favorite nacho recipe for National Nachos Day on the 6th
  • Split Pea Soup: Not Just for Linda Blair! National Split Pea Soup Week, 8-14
  • National Spicy Guacamole Day,  14
  • Share your favorite pickle recipe for National Pickle Day, 14
  • XX Awesome Bread Machine Recipes: Homemade Bread Day: 17
  • National Apple Cider Day, 18th
  • National Peanut Butter Fudge Day,  20
  • 365 Amazing Espresso Recipes to Keep Nikki Caffeinated Every Day of the Year: National Espresso Day, 23rd (just sayin’, I’d appreciate it!).


11 November Writing Prompts for Week 1: 1st through 7

  • Unexpected Dangers of Driving Drowsy: Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: 1-8
  • XX Ways You Can Help Your Local Shelter, Even If You Can’t Volunteer: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week: 2-8
  • How to Host the Coolest Sherlock Holmes Party Ever: Sherlock Holmes Weekend: 6-8
  • XX Sherlock Holmes Movies & Shows to Binge on During Sherlock Holmes Weekend
  • XX of the Best Holmes Quotes Ever Uttered
  • How to Avoid Losing Friends During an Election Year (Election Day is the 3rd, but this works from now until next November!)
  • XX Ways to Love Your Red Hair More (could be products, great scarves that go with red hair, why red heads have more fun, etc): National Love Your Red Hair Day.  5th
  • XX Sites for Finding Amazing Free Scrapbooking Resources: Digital Scrapbooking Day, 7th
  • Fun Pumpkin Destruction Games for the Whole Family: Pumkin Destruction Day, 7
  • Sadie Hawkins Dance Ideas for Homeschooling Parents Sadie Hawkins Day, 7
  • What to Wear to a Sadie Hawkins Dance

13 November Week 2 Blog Post Ideas: 8th-14th (ish)

Blog Post Ideas for November

  • XX Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids About Your State’s Geography: Geography Awareness Week, 8-14
  • XX Of the Wackiest, Lamest, Yet LOLest Punny Puns Ever Abet and Aid Punsters Day, 8
  • How to Get Started as Homeschooling, Even if You Think You Don’t Have it In You: National Parents As Teachers Day,  8
  • If applicable, share a story about where you were when the Berlin Wall came down for World Freedom Day on the 9th
  • Share a story about your favorite marine for the Marine Corps Birthday on the 10th
  • Make a cool Bulldog craft for the Marine Corps Birthday!
  • Come and Play! XX Fun Crafts to Celebrate Sesame Street Day (10th)
  • Best Windows Apps for ______: Windows Day (Microsoft), 10 (like, Windows 8 Apps for Photo Editing)
  • What Diwali Means to Me (if you celebrate) 11th
  • Origami craft for  Origami Day, 11
  • Review your favorite red lipstick for Red Lipstick Day, 11
  • Write an open “thank you” letter to our Vets for Veterans Day, 11
  • Ten Ways to Show Kindness to Others without Spending a Dime: World Kindness Day: 13

13 Week 3 Ideas : 15-21st (ish)

  • Make your own book awards list for National Book Awards Week, 16-20
  • Share how you will take part in MADD’s Tie One On For Safety Holiday Campaign (runs from 11/16-12/31)
  • Give your best tips on reducing, reusing and recylcing for the holidays in honor of America Recycles Day, 15
  • XX Tips for Cleaning Your Fridge from Top to Bottom in Under an Hour: National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day: 15
  • My Favorite Gifts that Give Back (I’m planning one of these!): National Philanthropy Day, 15
  • How to Ditch that Toxic Friend on Facebook Without Starting a War: National Unfriend Day, 17
  • Share your favorite Mickey Mouse memories, books, movies, etc for Mickey Mouse Day, 18
  • List your favorite Made in the USA products for American Made Matters Day, 19
  • XX Things You Can Learn from a Really Bad Day: Have A Bad Day Day, 19
  • How to Finally Purge the Junk & Learn to Get By on Less Stuff: Use Less Stuff Day: 19
  • Share quotes from your favorite philosophers for World Philosophy Day, 19
  • XX Family Activities to Celebrate Guinness World Record Day, : 21
  • Go big and make a huge list of great activities to get kids moving on National Day of Play, 21st

12 Week 4 Ideas (22nd- the end)

  • Tips for Making it Through Thanksgiving When You Suffer From GERD: GERD Awareness Week: 22-28
  • Share your favorite games to play with your family during Thanksgiving for National Game & Puzzle Week,  22-28
  • Give your tips for finding the best deals during the holidays without dealing with the madness of Black Friday and crowded stores for National Deal Week, 25-12/2
  • XX Things I Learned from Mother Goose: Mother Goose Day,: 22
  • XX Favorite Doctor Who Episodes: Doctor Who Day, 23
  • XX Best Quotes ever from The Doctor (DWD)
  • X Things Every True Dr. Who Fan NEEDS Now (DWD, you can go in SO many directions with this one!)
  • X Ways to Incorporate the Fibonacci Sequence into Your Menu Tonight: Fibonacci Day,  23
  • Do an affiliate post with your favorite hats for International Hat Day, 25
  • XX Reasons Why I’m Not Shopping on Black Friday (if you celebrate Buy Nothing Day on Black Friday)
  • XX Things That Are Just Better From Small Shops: Small Business Saturday, 28
  • XX Reasons to Play Hooky (And How to Get Away With It!): Stay Home Because You’re Well Day, 30

There ya go! 100+ Blog post ideas for November! Come back next month when we tackle all the December holidays, winter fun and more!

What is your favorite November holiday (aside from Thanksgiving, if you’re in the States, of course)? Tell me in the comments! Me? I’m partial to Espresso Day!