Knowing what’s trending on Pinterest is a major help in planning your editorial calendar. I spend a good chunk of time searching for terms like “popular on Pinterest in XXX month” or “Pinterest trends for XXX topic.” It’s so time consuming because there are very few good resource that flat-out tell you “this is what will be popular in June for makeup, home decor, etc.”

Wondering what will be trending on Pinterest during 2016? Everyone's favorite photo site released the Pinterest Top 100 for 2016, with the top ten pins across the top ten categories.

Pinterest themselves took charge this year and made it easy for all of us to plan our content and get inspired with their Top Trending Pins for 2016. The based it on Trending Pins across their top 10 categories, as well as predictions from their Top Pinners. Then they put all that knowledge into the handy Pinterest Top 100!

Use these lists as inspiration for your own upcoming posts or just as a way to see what will be trending in your favorite categories for fun. Totally up to you! I’m sharing them because I find them incredibly helpful as a blogger, so I hope you will too!

The Pinterest 100: Fresh ideas for 2016

Pinterest looked at trending Pins in popular categories, Pins from their most influential Pinners and even a few hand-picked by Pinterest employees.

What’s the new new in the year ahead? Here are ten teasers to give you a quick look at all the categories. You can stop after this, or keep reading for a full look ahead!

  1. Geometric tiles are the new wall decals in Home
  2. Coffin nails are the new half moon mani in Beauty & Grooming
  3. Coding is the new Candyland in Kids & Parenting. Looking for a great place to get started? Check out my post on how to teach kids coding with Minecraft Modding for Dummies! Pin it here for later.
  4. DIY drones are the new selfie stick in Tech
  5. Adult coloring books are the new woodworking  in Art. Speaking of, check out my review on Skyhorse Publishing’s pretty freaking awesome adult coloring books, plus grab a few free pages while you’re there. Need a little relaxation time for yourself? Grab five free printable adult coloring pages from Skyhorse Coloring Books
  6. Travel tattoos are the new passport stamps in Travel
  7. Stan Smiths are the new high tops in Fashion
  8. Avocado oil is the new coconut oil in Food. Fun fact- it’s also pretty darn amazing for your skin too! I’m thinking I need to do a few posts to let you know just HOW amazing it is!
  9. Backs are the new butts in Health & Fitness
  10. Cinderblocks are the new terrariums in Gardening

There’s more where this came from on our Pinterest 100 board. Here’s to fresh ideas in 2016!


Why stop at teasers, right? These are the top 10 in each category. Comments following the pins are my own, except where in parenthesis.

Pinterest 100: Home

  1. Geometric Tiles
  2. Scandanavian-inspired Design
  3. Hidden Wires
  4. Shades of Gray (“It’s all about gray. Gunmetal is the new copper and shades of gray will take over. Nothing is chic’er then a gray room with some accent colors. Looks calm and collected,” says Top Pinner Paul Lowe)
  5. Graphic Throw Pillows: Check out my post on throw pillows with personality! Pin it for later. 
  6. Black, White and Organic shades
  7. Woven Wall Decor – (“A major trend in both DIY and Home Decor is woven wall hangings. They add a unique mix of color and pattern to a room without being overwhelming. Since they are handmade, they make great gifts as well!”says Pinner Marjorie Lacombe)
  8. DIY Space Saving Hacks–  I deplore the word “hacks,” so I’ll be looking forward to checking out tips, or advice, or any other word besides hacks.
  9. Artisan Goods
  10. Gilded Metallic Wallpaper


Pinterest 100: Hair & Beauty

  1. Coffin Nails (More than 4 million coffin nail ideas have been Pinned so far, according to Pinterest)
  2. Mermaid Hair Coloring
  3. Vintage Hair Brooches
  4. Natural Hair: Get started with this post on 23 tips and tricks to keep your hair looking fab. Not hacks though. Never hacks.
  5. Androgynous Makeup
  6. Men’s hair (fade)
  7. Eyebrow products: Billion Dollar Brows is one of my favorite products so far!
  8. Vintage Grooming Kits
  9. The “Adele” Eye
  10. Menicures


Pinterest 100: Kids & Parenting

  1. Teaching Kids to Code
  2. Classic Board Games
  3. Indoor Games
  4. Talking about Emotions
  5. Travel with Kids
  6. DIY No-sew Bandanas
  7. String Lights
  8. Gender-neutral Nurseries
  9. Sensory Play
  10. Non-toxic Toys & Products


Pinterest 100: Tech

  1. DIY Drones
  2. Solar Power
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Hover Boards
  5. Rocket Skates
  6. DIY Big-screens
  7. 3D Printing at Home
  8. Swiss Army Knives of the Digital Age
  9. Texting Tricks
  10. Chic Speakers


Pinterest 100: Art & Design

  1. Adult Coloring Books (More than 5 million Pins on Pinterest, and up 53% already in 2015– “Who knew coloring for grown-ups would make a resurgence? I love the idea of getting creative and all of the health benefits that coloring provides. It’s so relaxing!” – Top Pinner Amy Anderson)
  2. Swiss Design
  3. DIY Typography Art: Check out my favorite typography apps to get you started on your own creations.
  4. Letterpress
  5. Unenhanced Imagery
  6. Texture
  7. Sacred Geometry
  8. Backlit Photography
  9. Pantone Colors Rose Quartz and Serenity
  10. DIY Neon Signs


Pinterest 100: Travel

  1. Travel-inspired Tattoos(Small tattoos were among the top searched items on Pinterest this year around the globe)
  2. Heading South
  3. Tulum, Mexico
  4. Solo Travel
  5. Packing a Carry-on
  6. Friends-first travel
  7. Glamping & RVs
  8. Long Trips & Jetlag Recovery
  9. Visit Cuba
  10. Travel Like a Local


Pinterest 100: Fashion

  1. Game-changing Throwback Sneaks (There are more than 2 million Pins of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers)
  2. Statement Sunglasses
  3. Athleisure gets elevated (A huge trend that we expect to continue, more than 21 million Athleisure looks and fashion items have been Pinned to date)
  4. Matching Sets
  5. Belt Bags
  6. Merlot, Burgundy and Maroon for Men
  7. No-rules Fashion: mixing textures and patterns
  8. Androgynous Garments
  9. Capsule Wardrobe
  10. Winter White Wedding


Pinterest 100: Food & Drink

  1. Avocado Oil
  2. DYOB: Distill Your Own Booze
  3. DIY Artisan Olive Oils
  4. Sweet to Savory
  5. Pour-over Coffee
  6. Snacking & Bento Boxes
  7. Gourmet Heritage Cuisines
  8. Homebrews
  9. Beertails
  10. Veggie Swaps


Pinterest 100: Fitness & Health

  1. Backs are the new butts
  2. Tabata Workouts
  3. Mental Fitness
  4. Dietary Restrictions (Special diet Pins make up 7 percent of daily recipe Pins on Pinterest, and in the last two years, over 100 million Pins have been created to share ideas for navigating dietary restrictions in the kitchen)
  5. Spa Water
  6. “No Excuses” Workouts
  7. DIY Hair Healing Masks
  8. Fermentation & Pickling
  9. Back to Basics in Nutrition
  10. Virtual cycling and treadmill tech


Pinterest 100: Gardening

  1. Cinderblock gardening
  2. Firescape Escapes
  3. Gardening without water
  4. Preserving herbs
  5. Raised garden beds
  6. Foliage is the new flower (for weddings!)
  7. Soil hacks
  8. Eco-friendly DIY insect sprays
  9. Regrow your own food (without dirt)
  10. Plants like epsom salt too! and other tips

So there you have it! The top 10 in the top 10 categories. 100 fabulous ideas to inspire your 2016 editorial calendar! I see some stuff on the list I’m looking forward to learning more about, as well as some trends I’d like to see go away really fast. I’m also hoping we’ve seen the last of at least a few 2015 trends. If I never heard the word “paleo” again, I’d be a happy girl!

Which of these 2016 Pinterest trends are you looking forward to exploring in more depth? Tell me in the comments!