Cosplay can be so much fun, but not everyone has the budget to go all in on a full fiberglass costume that is custom made or the millions of costume accessories to go with the costume. Let’s face it; costumes can get expensive when you want something detailed! That’s where YouTube tutorials and cosplay accessories can come together! Whether you are new to cosplay, short on funds or looking for a fantastic costume for Halloween I’ve found some fun accessories and prop ideas that you can totally DIY and will be the icing on your cake for your costume. Ready? Check out all the tutorial videos on how to make fantastic cosplay accessories.

7 Simple Cosplay Accessories And Props That You Can Make From Tutorials On YouTube

Brilliant cosplay tutorials! See seven wicked cosplay costume accessories that every beginner can make.


I always love the crazy horns at the Renaissance Festivals, but I have yet to shell out cash for a pair. Next time I’m making these super easy horns instead! This style is perfect for more of a dragon or reptile style look. Grab your hot glue gun because these will look amazing when you are finished. Also included in this tutorial are some makeup tips for an inexpensive scaley look!

Magic Wands

Whether you’re going for a wizard, fairy or a witch, you want to have an amazing wand. Check out this tutorial where you can made super easy peasy wands out of chopsticks! I like how you can easily customize your wand because of course your wand was made just for you and none other!


There are so many amazing custom made helmets for various characters, and don’t get me wrong they look amazing! That’s not always in my budget when I’m making a costume. Check out this easy basic helmet made from cardboard and masking tape. Use this technique to then add the details that make the helmet look more like the character you’re creating.

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Glowing Staff

There are so many fun characters out there to play who carry a staff. Finding a staff at the store is next to impossible, and good luck finding one that actually looks cool. Check out this simple glowing Loki staff tutorial. What I like about this is you could adapt the techniques used in this video to make a glowing staff for a variety of characters. Yes!

Dome Shaped Shield

While you can make a shield out of cardboard that’s more rectangular, a round shield like Captain America might carry is a little bit trickier. This super easy tutorial will show you how to make the coolest round shield with a little patience and a lot of foam pieces. When you finish, veryone will be asking where you got this shield!

Bow And Arrow

Improve your aim and your costume with this DIY prop bow and arrow. You can, of course, add extra embellishments to make your bow and arrows look more like your favorite characters, but this tutorial will get you started!

Fairy Wings

Love the look of those pretty gossamer wings fairies always have? The store bought wings in the costume section don’t hold a candle to these beauties. Check out this super easy tutorial and turn yourself into a fairy. I particularly like how easy the process is for these wings with beautiful results.

These are some super fun ideas, and I am so geeking out about the staff. I need to make that glowing staff now because it’s seriously amazing looking! Which if these cosplay accessories video tutorials are you eyeing? Tell me in the comments.