Light up your room with amazing DIY Star Wars room décor ideas. Whether you want to add a nod to your favorite movie, or makeover an entire room dedicated to your Star Wars fandom status, you are in the right place. See some of my favorite ways to add a little bit geeky and crafty of Star Wars room décor to your favorite spot.

7 DIY Star Wars Room Décor Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


No-Sew Chewbacca Pillow

Brighten up your bed or favorite chair in a flash. These Chewbacca pillows look so easy to make. I love the oversized face! Does anyone want to make me a Yoda version too?

Death Star Light

I’m no papier-mâché goddess, but this DIY project totally looks like something I could do! Here’s a trick if you’re not sure about the papier-mâché. Find a giant white plastic Christmas bulb (or a lamp from Ikea maybe?), cut a whole, and then apply the same painting idea.

Rebel Symbol String Art

If your walls could use a little extra love, then this DIY string art rebel symbol is just what you need! I am a fan of crafts like this where you don’t have to be exact, and the project still turns out fantastic!

Darth Vader Refrigerator

I think I need to invest in a few mini fridges! How incredibly cool would this be for a game room, a party or… in my kitchen! Haha!

No-Sew Lightsaber Pillow

Add a second awesome pillow to your bed or favorite movie watching spot, This lightsaber pillow looks pretty easy to make and is held together by hot glue, yes! Make sure you make two of these at the same time so you cn have lightsaber duels, aka pillow fights!

Lego Star Wars Minifigure Clock

If you can drill a hole and use a glue gun, you can make this craft. I love the idea of customizing it to your favorite minifigures. I might put all R2D2’s on my version!

TIE Fighter Bookshelf

I’m not going to even try to pretend that my woodworking skills are up to this level, but how cool is this bookshelf! Maybe my Father in law can help me out because I know a few friends who would flip for this as a gift. I’m all over the painting part!

So are you excited to see the new Star Wars movie soon? Which Star Wars room décor ideas are you dying to try? Tell me down in the comments!