If your Christmas always includes a touch of Star Wars like mine does, then you need to see this list of handmade and DIY ornaments. I’ve gathered a list of fun Star Wars themed ornaments for inspiration from all geeky crafting levels. So where you’re more of a glue gun and permanent marker crafter, or you can sew your own cosplay costume, you need this Star Wars gift inspiration… or just keep them for your own tree!

11 Handmade DIY Star Wars Christmas Ornaments You Need To Copy


DIY BB8 Ornament

Keep your tree up to date with this DIY BB8 ornament. I think he might be my favorite loyal droid ever

Princess Leia

What a sweet little Leia ornament! I bet you could also change this up a little to make a pretty cool Rey!

Storm Trooper

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I bet I could recreate this with the right ornament from the craft store and a permanent marker, same?

What A Wookie

Anyone know how to sew well out there? Can you make me this adorable Wookie please? I love the details made in the stitching!

Perler Beads Patterns

I think my kid could play with Perler beads all day long, but these fun ornaments seriously take the game of a notch. I’m starting with Boba Fett.

DIY Glitter R2D2 and Boba Fett

You don’t have to be super crafty to make these adorable ornaments, plus they are glittery. I can’t think of a better holiday combo then Star Wars and Glitter Ornaments.

Happy Chewbacca

Look at the look on this Chewbacca’s face! I want to cuddle him and give him all the presents.

Felt Star Wars Jedi

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These adorable Jedi and friends have the perfect balance of fun and minimalistic. I think I could pull these off and my sister in law would love them as a gift!

Paper Ornaments

The text says these adorable Star Wars paper ornaments were made at a library program! Where so I sign up!

Felt R2D2 , Chewbacca And Boba Fett

That little heart R2D2 has stolen my heart, can I have ten please? Add in the Chewbacca and Boba Fett and ou might just win Christmas.

Vader Dark Star

Last minute gift: Afro Vader ornament I made for my bro tonight 🙂

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How fun is this! This Vader ornament is taking the Death Star, and your tree over to the dark side.

So do you have a favorite from this list of handmade and DIY Star Wars Christmas Ornaments! The felts ones seriously have my heart every time, I am going to be breaking out my scissors and my glue gun! Tell me your favorites in the comments!