I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday post in ages upon ages. You guys know I’m not so good at the “wordless” part! However, I’m about 5 hours away from getting slammed with that ginormous snow storm that is hitting the Northeast (it’s Monday as I write this). I still have to go buy toilet paper! I was out all day Sunday stocking up, since we’ll most likely lose power. I still have a few things to get, and I’m trying to schedule out the week in case I can’t get back on here. Since I’m in a mad rush, I figured, hey, Wordless Wednesday it is! First up, this crazy cute picture of the Fuzz, who kind of looks like he has a caffeine buzz! I’m trying to think of a good caption for it, any ideas?

Sort Of Wordless Wednesday: Fuzz with a Buzz & Snow Day Fun with Freya

Pharaoh Hound Snow Day Fun

We had a bit of snow last week, too (nothing compared to what’s coming…or already here by the time you read this!), so I took Freya, my Pharaoh Hound,  out to play for a while. She had a blast! She loves going outside with her people. Check out a few pics from our fun in the snow!

Pharaoh Hound Freya playing in the snow

I’m so sad this next one came out a bit blurry, because it would have been perfect otherwise.

Pharaoh Hound Freya playing in the snow


Pharaoh Hound Freya playing in the snow

If you haven’t virtually met Freya yet, check out this post! Never heard of a pharaoh hound? Here are 7 things you might want to know about them!


So, back to Alex the Fuzz: any ideas for a clever caption? Share below!