Think coloring is just for kids? Think again! The adult coloring book industry is booming right now, so you’ll find a huge selection on the market.

Has your mom just started coloring?  Find a present that helps her with her hobby.  Coloring gifts come in all shapes and sizes and there’s something to suit all budgets. Below you’ll discover 10 of the best gift ideas for moms who love to color.

Has your mom just started coloring?  Find a present that helps her with her hobby.  Coloring gifts come in all shapes and sizes and there’s something to suit all budgets. Below you’ll discover 10 of the best gift ideas for moms who love to color.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Love to Color

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1. Coloring Books

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? Coloring books aren’t just a fun way to pass the time, they also help to lower stress levels. In fact, they’re marketed as a ‘mindfulness’ activity. This means they can help boost the mood, combat depression and focus the mind into the here and now.

Coloring Books to Relax

Since the adult coloring book trend is so huge right now, your options for coloring books are virtually limitless. There are so many different options on the market for coloring books – mandalas, flowers, fairies, landscapes, dogs, cats, animals, pin up women, women with tattoos and even swearing. We’ve done a bunch of series with everything from coloring books based on YA novels to books for ocean lovers. Here are some of my favorite options for mom:

2. Coloring Pencils and Pens

Of course, it’s impossible to color without coloring pencils or pens. This may seem like a simple thing to give her, but you’ll be surprised at the quality of pencils out there. For example, proper professional pencils can cost over $50 for a set.  Don’t let that scare you, though! You can find plenty of amazing sets for under $20 that are just perfect for mom’s coloring needs.
You’ll find there are a lot of different types of coloring options to choose from. To help her create a stand-out effect, you might want to consider glitter pens or Sharpies. Whatever your budget, you’ll find the perfect coloring pencils and pens to match it.

3. Art Paper

My mom pretty much sticks to actual coloring books, but maybe your mom wants to flex her artist muscles a bit further? In this case, art paper would come in handy. Like the pencils, art paper comes in various qualities. Before choosing the right paper, think about the type of coloring she prefers to do. Painting for example would require a thicker paper than pencil. If she likes to mix things up (paint one day, pencils the next, for example), I really like this mixed media art paper.

UCreate Mixed Media Art Paper, Heavyweight, 9" x 12", 500 Sheets
  • Great choice for all types of media
  • Heavyweight sulphite paper with natural color and medium tooth surface
  • Excellent for pencil, colored pencils and charcoal
  • 500-sheet pack of 9-inch by 12-inch white paper
  • Acid-free and recyclable

4. Coloring Wall Decals

Want to give her with a coloring gift that will blow her away?  A coloring wall decal would do the trick. Available in numerous designs, they are basically wall pictures and murals that you can color anyway you like.

So it won’t just satisfy her love of coloring, it will also give her a personalized gift that she can hang on the wall. Like books, there are a TON to choose from. Here’s one of my favorites!


5. Lightbox

Another great Mother’s Day gift idea for moms who love to draw as well as color is a lightbox. Usually LED powered, lightboxes help to illuminate the paper, providing a better view of drawings and stencils. If using it simply to color, the box will clearly show where the lines end, helping her to get the best results. This works extremely well for moms who struggle with their eyesight.

6. Storage Solutions

Adult coloring quickly becomes an addiction! Once mom gets one book, she’ll want more! She’ll also want new pencils, crayons, and other supplies. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen with my mom!  This is where storage containers come in super handy and make a great gift!

You’ll be able to help her to keep all of her coloring supplies neat and tidy with a stylish container. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs so you should easily be able to find one that fits her personality. Coloring enthusiasts like to color anywhere at any time – so why not opt for portable storage solutions? This can be anything from a simple carrying case (for coloring newbies) to a rolling suitcase-like craft organizer (for hardcore coloring addicts).

7. Picture Frames

Once people start finishing their artwork they are not going to want to throw them out.  They have spent hours creating just the right look.  She will take tremendous pride in her coloring.  Why not surprise her with a high quality, stylish frame? This will allow her to either hang her finished masterpiece on the wall, or place it on a table. It’s a 2-in-1 gift, proving to be both useful and a great way to brighten up the home.

8. Rolling Laptop

Does she have little space to do her coloring? A rolling laptop workspace can help. This space-saving flat stand gives her a solid surface to color on. After use, it can easily be stored away until next time. There are quite a few to choose from, with some even offering a holder to store a cup of coffee.

9. Printer

A printer might not be an obvious present, but it expands her coloring options. There are so many places to get free coloring pages for her to print out, but she’ll obviously need a printer to do it! Printers range from super cheap to expensive. Rather than looking at the price of the printer itself, look at the cost of the ink. It’s smarter to buy her a more expensive printer that has cheaper ink than a super cheap printer with $60 ink!

You don’t want your gift to cost her a fortune in the long run! Color laser printers are a good option. Even though they’re a bit more costly upfront, the cartridges last a very long time, especially for printing out black and white images.

10. Easel and Paints

Once her creativity kicks in she might want to expand her horizons into other art forms such as painting.  An easel and paints will really make her day. You can buy large paint sets, though it’s recommended you have a good idea of what type of painting she might like to do or get her a variety and let her decide.

There many different forms watercolor painter or an oil painter. The style will make a big difference to the type of paints you should buy.

These are just 10 great Mother’s Day ideas for moms who love to color. If you want to give her an extra-special gift, why not buy a few things from the list above and pack them into a home-made basket?

Overall the great thing about buying for moms who love to color is that there’s something for all budgets. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have to spend, there’s always supplies you can buy that’s going to make her happy.




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