From the ultimate grilling boxes to nifty unique finds for geeky dads, these subscription boxes below prove that sometimes it’s okay to think INSIDE the box when it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas. Check them out!

Father's Day gift ideas: subscription boxes he'll love

10 Subscription Boxes That Make Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A couple of quick notes before we dive in. First, not all of these will ship in time for Father’s Day (a few will, though). So, you may need to just print out a picture of the box to show dad what’s coming. Or, tell him that you bought him a subscription to something he’ll love and let him be surprised when it arrives.

Second, halfway through writing this, I realized that I did a similar post last year. So, I’m picking different ones this time to give other small businesses some attention. I really love the ones I picked out last year, though, so if you need more ideas, check out the 2020 Father’s Day subscription boxes post.

Third, make sure you check the little green box above the “subscribe now” button on the CrateJoy page for each of these boxes below. You can usually find some great coupons to help you save money. I’m not including them in this post because they could change by the time you read this.

Last, this post uses affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I get a small kickback at no extra cost to you. That’s it! On with the show…

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1. MyBean Coffee Subscription Box


Let’s kick things off with a subscription box that’s loaded with kick itself! MyBean delivers 2-3 types of ethically sourced whole-bean coffees from cooperative farms around the world each month. It’s a great chance for dad to try out some unique roasts. I’m totally adding this one to my own wish list (you know how much I LOVE my coffee)!

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

2. Smuggler’s Crate Star Wars Mystery Box

Smugglers Crate - The Star Wars Mystery Box!

If Dad is a Star Wars fan, you really can’t go wrong with giving him a Smuggler’s Crate subscription. Per the description:

 Smugglers Crate brings you a monthly shipment from a galaxy far far away full of exclusive Star Wars collectibles, gear and more, much of which you won’t find in stores. We aim to provide you with a unique monthly experience through our boxes which are curated specifically for Star Wars fans. No Avengers. No Star Trek. Just Star Wars.

Each monthly box includes 5-8 items from officially licensed Star Wars brands (Disney, Funko, etc) as well as smaller indie retailers.

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

3. ParaBox Monthly

ParaBox - Mystery T-Shirts

The ParaBox is perfect for dads who love all things spooky! Each month, he’ll get a brand-new paranormal-themed t-shirt…with a twist. The card in the box contains a password that dad can use on the ParaBox website to unlock clues about next month’s theme. Correct guesses get entered into a raffle for nifty prizes.

It starts at just $16.99, making it a super affordable gift that kids can give dad. Sizes run from XS all the way up to 4XL. I’m thinking about grabbing this one for myself! Hey, I’m a single mom, I totally deserve a Father’s Day gift, too. 😀

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

4. Escape the Crate

Escape the Crate

If Dad loves solving mysteries, he’ll adore Escape the Crate. Each box comes stuffed full of themed clues, puzzles, and other goodies geared towards the bi-monthly theme. According to the creators, the boxes are family-friendly and loaded with enough stuff for hours of fun.

We have MULTIPLE GAMES in ONE BOX! Our massive escape room games are broken up into smaller chapters, all in one box! That way, with one box, you can take a break halfway through a game or even break up the fun into multiple game nights, if you wish. Each chapter takes about an hour to complete.

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

5. Stick in a Box Gourmet Jerky Subscription

Stick in a Box

Stick in a Box prides itself on being the ORIGINAL beef jerky subscription box. They’ve been around since 2014, which definitely says a lot considered how many sub boxes I’ve seen come and go over the years.

They offer three different sizes: the Lite with 2 bags and 1 stick, the Gladiator with 5 to 7 products and the Office Jerk, which is basically a triple Gladiator. Regardless of which you choose, they promise “a unique selection of gourmet jerky and beef sticks that can’t be found at the local convenience store.”

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

6. First Sip Brew Box (Craft Beer)

First Sip Brew Box

First Sip Brew Box is a Veteran, Black and Woman-owned subscription box that delivers “one-of-a-kind craft beer merch” from small businesses. While it doesn’t actually come with beer (that’s really the only way they can get away with shipping to all 50 states), dad will get plenty of other nifty brew-centric goodies, like t-shirts , pint glasses, hot sauce and more.

They deliver the last week of the month, but if you need it sooner just let them know.

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

7. UNI Naturals Box

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

I was trying to find a good guy-friendly skincare box that wasn’t loaded with a bunch of shaving products and beard care stuff. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, but not every dad sports a full beard, right? I was drawn to UNI Naturals when I saw that they only curate “the best luxury natural, organic, and cruelty-free” products AND that they’re perfect for BOTH men and women.

They seem to be new, at least to CrateJoy, so there aren’t any reviews yet. So yes, you’re kind of taking a chance on it, but I really like their overall mission, so I’m including them anyway. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

8. Culinarie Kit (for Foodie Dads)

Culinarie Kit

The Culinarie Kit is of my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who love to cook. The award-winning box comes packed full of high-quality (and high-flavor) ingredients from artisans throughout the United States. The best part? NO animal ingredients, so it’s perfect for ALL dads, including vegans.

The only downside is that it only ships quarterly. However, your first box ships out within 7 days, so depending on when you’re reading this, it could absolutely arrive in time for Father’s Day.

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

9. GloveBox Car Care Subscription

GloveBox / Car Care Made Simple

If Dad is obsessed with keeping the family car sparkling clean, he’ll adore the cleverly named GloveBox. Each month, he’ll get a curated package loaded with “premium detailing products, towels, and accessories from top car care brands,” along with exclusive discount codes from their partner brands.

Their Father’s Day box comes with over $100 worth of professional-grade goodies and arrives on time as long as you order by June 16th.

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

10. GranPop Box for Grandfathers

GranPop Box

This last one is made specifically for all those extra-special grandfathers out there! GranPop Box is a monthly subscription filled with gifts curated for senior citizens. Every box comes with items that fit into five categories: activities, sweet treats, personal care, comfort, and a special “personal touch” gift.

Your first box ships within 5 days, so if you order by the 15th-ish, it should arrive by Father’s Day.

10 Neat Subscription Boxes That Are Just Right for Father’s Day

I hope you found a few good Father’s Day gift ideas that your special guy (or, for my fellow single moms, YOU) will love! If you still need some more ideas, don’t forget about last year’s post that I mentioned above. 😀