So sorry, guys, I skipped August! It was a crazy month! I’m back, though, with loads of great writing prompts & blog post ideas for September! I know it’s another crazy month, since it’s back to school season for most of us. I’ll get right to it! The end of September is Banned Books Week, I shared extra prompts for that since it’s such an important week to me!

Break through writers block and stock your editorial calendar full of great content with these 100+ writing prompts & blog post ideas for September!

If you’re not a blogger, use these as writing prompts for school papers or to get your own creative writing juices flowing for your personal works!

Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September

As always, huge thanks to Brownielocks for being the best source of national, international and just plain interesting “holidays.”  Holiday and specific dates are noted in parenthesis. Replace XX with the number that you come up with. I linked to a few examples where applicable. Use the titles as is if you want, alter them a bit or just use them for inspiration. You can’t copyright titles, they’re yours to do with as you please.

Blog post ideas & writing topics that work all month long

  • XX Things Every Responsible Dog Owners Knows (AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month)
  • Putting Your Child’s ADHD Diagnosis Into Perspective: if you or your child has ADHD, give other parents tips and advice from the heart (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month)
  • Baby Safety Story: tell about a time your baby had an accident, a parenting moment that freaked you out and taught you something about baby safety. Other moms need to know that they’re not the only ones who, say, turn their heads for a split second and have their child end up falling off the table while in their booster seat! (Baby Safety Month)
  • XX Baby Safety Products Every New Mom Really Needs (Baby Safety Month: you could go in many directions with this month)
  • Tips for Packing Your Child’s Backpack So It Doesn’t Break Their Backs (Backpack Safety America Month)
  • XX Beautiful Gifts for Writers (Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month)
  • How to Teach Your Child Fantastic Manners by Setting a Good Example (Childrens’ Good Manners Month) [Example: How to Raise a Nice Kid by Teaching them to Appreciate Others]
  • XX Companies Who Are Making a Difference in the Fight Against Cancer (It is Cancer Awareness Month for many different types of cancer: I do not like to capitalize on cancer, especially since my family is so deeply touched by it right now, so I feel like this is a topic that should be handled with great care and compassion, please).
  • XX Surprisingly Simple Ways to Sock Money Away for Your Child’s College Education (College Savings Month)

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September: Fall Hat Month

  • Absolutely Stunning Fall Hats That Even Hat-Haters Will Adore (Fall Hat Month)
  • The Happiest Cat in the World: show and tell about your cat, the internet loves cats! (Happy Cat Month)
  • XX Easy Ways to Help End Hunger in Your Community (Feeding America‘s Hunger Action Month)
  • XX Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At People Skills (International People Skills Month)
  • Speak Out: How I Stood Up and Made a Difference (International Speak Out Month)
  • Library Scavenger Hunt Game: for kids or adults (Library Card Sign-up Month)
  • A personal story (if you’re feeling brave) or encouragement for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction (National Recovery Month)
  • Million Minute Family Challenge ideas: how to spend more time with family, fun games to play, etc (Million Minute Family Challenge September-December)
  • How to Talk to Your Teen About Hazing (National Campus Safety Awareness Month)
  • Fun Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Combat Childhood Obesity (National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month)- See OurFamilyWorld’s Childhood Obesity section for inspiration.
  • Tips for Organizing Your Coupons so You Actually Remember to Use Them: bonus if you can figure out how to fit it in my small purse! Let me know if you write this so I can read! (National Coupon Month)

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September: National Home Furnishings Month

  • Show off your DIY furniture project or share a few of your wish list furnishing for National Home Furnishings Month
  • Share a favorite sewing project or tips for putting together a sewing kit for a beginner (National Sewing Month)
  • XX Tips for Preparing for Hurricane Season (National Preparedness Month)
  • Share your favorite skin care tips or products (National Skin Care Awareness Month)
  • Show off pictures of your favorite hidden wilderness gem in your area (National Wilderness Month)
  • XX Things That May Surprise You About Me, ways to promote yourself, or maybe a top 10 list of your own blog posts (Shameless Promotion Month)

Recipe Post Ideas for September

  • Anything breakfast related for All American Breakfast Month, or waffle recipes for National Waffle Week (6th-12th)
  • Bacon Day on the 5th, you can go just about anywhere with that one apparently
  • Your favorite Hispanic recipes for National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)
  • Recipes using whole grains for Whole Grains Month

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September: National Rice Month

  • Wild Rice Month & National Rice Month recipes
  • Low-cholesterol recipes for Cholesterol Education Month
  • Easy delicious chicken recipes for National Chicken & Eat Chicken Month (not sure why we need two chicken themes in one month, but go with it!), or your favorite chicken wing recipe for National Buffalo Chicken Wings Days ( 5-6)
  • Honey baked goods, dressing recipes and other recipes for National Honey Month
  • Mushroom recipes for picky eaters (I’ve never eaten a mushroom!) for National Mushroom Month, or during the 11-13th specifically for Mushroom Days
  • Your favorite shake recipes (National Shake Month)
  • Popcorn seasoning recipes for Popcorn Days (10-12)

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September: International Chocolate Day

  • Chocolate recipes for International Chocolate Day (13)- Example: Triple Chocolate Minty Bark Recipe
  • Yummy banana bread, muffins, etc for Banana Day (11)
  • Easy Recipes For Kids to Make With You or By Themselves (Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day 13th)
  • Gluten-Free Recipes for National Celiac Awareness Day on the 13th
  • Favorite peanut recipes for National Peanut Day, also on the  13th
  • Best Guacamole Dip Ever Recipe for National Guacamole Day, 16th
  • Either your favorite cheeseburger recipe or a veggie burger alternative (if you’re vegan or a vegetarian) for National Cheeseburger Day, 18th
  • Vegan baked goods recipes for Vegan Baking Day on the 25th
  • Coffee recipes for the very best day of all, International Coffee Day (29th). Example: Caffeinated Brownies

First Week Blog Post Ideas (1st-7th)

  • How to Stay Enthusiastic When The World Is Turning Upside Down on You (International Enthusiasm Week 1-7th)
  • XX Ways to Sneak More Nutritious Snacks Into Your Picky Eater’s Diet (National Nutrition Week 1-7th)
  • How to Teach Yourself _______  : share a skill that you taught yourself (Self-University Week 1-7th )
  • Sometimes It’s Okay to Be a Lazy Mom! : share a few ways to cut corners or cut yourself some slack (National Lazy Mom’s Day, 4th)

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September

  • Share your favorite tips for teaching kids to appreciate wildlife, or how you teach your kids about wildlife in your area for National Wildlife Day on the 4th
  • How to Make a Fashionably Late Entrance That Turns Heads: great for a beauty or fashion post (Be Late For Something Day, 5th)
  • Share your favorite charity, or ways that your family gives back to others (International Day of Charity, 5th)
  • Share your own writing prompts, your writing routine or tips for new writers! (National Writing Date Day 5th)
  • Make a pet rock craft & post it for Pet Rock Day on the 5th! I’m actually thinking of trying to make a few Pet Rock Monsters for Halloween. We’ll see how they turn out.

Notice how I didn’t add Labor Day? You’re supposed to rest on that day! Plus there are tons of posts out there already. You could do a recipe, party tips, whatever. Or just, you know, rest!

Second Week of September Writing Prompts (8-14th ish)

  • How to Talk to Your Teen About Suicide Without Sounding Judgmental: Very important topic to me because I suffered from clinical depression as a teen (Suicide Prevention Week 7-15 )
  • Thrilling New Ways to Get Your Kids Outside Playing This Fall (Play Days 8-12th)
  • Literacy activities or your favorite children’s books for International Literacy Day (8th)
  • Why I’m Proud to Be a Weirdo! or proudly share a few of your stranger quirks  (Wonderful Weirdoes Day 9)
  • Don’t Buy _____, Swap Instead!: Tips for swapping things you have for things you need (Swap Ideas Day 10th)

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September: Iguana Awareness Day

  • XX Things to Know Before You Buy an Iguana (National Iguana Awareness Day 12th)
  • XX Things I Learned from Laura Ingalls (Prairie Day 12th)
  • Share a list of your favorite video games on any platform for Video Games Day on the 12th
  • Share memories of your grandparents, handmade card ideas and gift ideas for Grandparent’s Day (13th)
  • Top XX Quotes from Matilda (Roald Dahl Day 13th)
  • Scooby-Doo crafts, party ideas or your favorite episodes for Scooby-Doo Day on the  13th

Week 3 Prompts & Ideas (15-21st-ish)

  • XX Things You Should Never Do When Your Child is In the Car (Child Passenger Safety Week 13-19th)
  • Share something you feel strongly about regarding the Constitution, tips for teaching kids about the Bill of Rights, historical sites you’ve visited that were part of the Revolution, etc for Constitution Week (17-23rd)

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September: Hummingbird Celebration

  • Hummingbird crafts, pictures that you’ve captured of them in action, facts about hummingbirds for Hummingbird Celebration (17-20th)
  • Must-have Play-doh kits for First Time Sculptors (Play-doh Day.  16th)
  • How to Bond with Your Stepchildren (Stepfamily Day, 16th)
  • No Means No: How to Talk to Your Teenager About Rape (RAINN Day (Rape Abuse Incest National Network, 17th)
  • XX Small Steps That Really Help Clean Up the World  (Clean Up The World Weekend 18-20th)
  • Three Lies and a Truth: a variation on truth and lies game, make all of them totally outrageous and ask readers to guess which is the truth! (Big Whopper Liar Day, 19th)
  • Pirate activities, crafts and recipes for Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th
  • Share resources, tips, stories or your own thoughts on why it’s important to put an end to puppy mills for Puppy Mill Awareness Day on the 20th
  • Outdoor activities, crafts and other ideas for kids to turn off the television and play for Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play,  20th
  • Tips for how to teach our kids to create a more peaceful future (International Day of Peace,  21st)

Week 4 Blog Post Ideas (22nd-30th)

  • XX Ways to Feel More Confident About Your Own Image (Build A Better Image Week 20-26)
  • Here’s What My Family Is Doing to Prevent Pollution! Pollution Prevention Week (20-26)
  • Share tips for growing your favorite plant indoors or a craft for making a pretty planter for National Indoor Plant Week (20-26)
  • If you’re single, share something you love about it! (National Singles Week, 20-26th)
  • Share stories or pictures of your dogs, your favorite dog treats, etc for National Dog Week (20-26th). Check out plenty of examples on

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September

  • XX Ways to Inspire Creativity In Your Kids (National Keep Kids Creative Week 20-26th)
  • Tell a story about how it felt the first time you voted for Remember to Register to Vote Week (20-26)
  • Share your favorite Tolkien quotes, books, crafts and more for Tolkien Week (20-26th)
  • If you post about alcohol, share a favorite beer-based recipe for Great American Beer Festival (24-26th)
  • XX Amazing Companies I Bet You Didn’t Know Were Founded by Women! (American Business Women’s Day 22nd)
  • Dear Diary: start a post that begins like that, then tell a bit about yourself, your day, your feelings, etc (Dear Diary Day. 22nd)
  • Fun Elephant Crafts for Kids (Elephant Appreciation Day, 22nd)
  • Fall Equinox Celebration Ideas (23rd, more specifically, at 4:21AM)
  • Punctuation Matters A Look At Life Without Commas: write an infuriating, preferably short, blog post without any punctuation!  (Punctuation Day, 24th)

100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September

  • XX Incredibly Beautiful Shades of Bright Pink Lipstick Every Woman Should Try Once! (Bright Pink Lipstick Day, 25th)
  • XX One-Hit Wonders That Should Be on Your Playlist! (National One-Hit Wonder Day, 25th)
  • A Love Note to My Child (or husband, best friend, mother, etc) (Love Note Day, 25th)
  • How My Family Stays Healthy and Fit During the Fall (Family Health and Fitness Day USA 26th)
  • Share your favorite museums in your area or that you’ve visited elsewhere for National Museum Day on the 26th
  • Share a list of places you’d love to visit, or places you have visited for World Tourism Day on the 27th

Banned Books Week Blog Post Ideas

Banned Books Week 2015

Banned Books Week starts on September 27th and runs through 10/3. It’s an important week for me because I’m super passionate about the 1st Amendment. Some people are passionate about our right to carry guns and shoot things, I am passionate about our right to carry books and learn things! (I have nothing against the 4th Amendment, it’s just not my passion). Here are a few writing prompts and blog post ideas for Banned Books Week:

  • Share your favorite lists, videos and resources from the Banned Books Website.
  • Create your own Virtual Readout video of you or your child sharing why you love having the freedom to read whatever you want.
  • Love making videos? Create one of you reading your favorite passage from a banned book out loud!
  • Share a list of your favorite banned books. Make it a general list or a topical list, like Top 10 Best Banned YA Books.
  • Share quotes from your favorite banned books
  • Post a list of Banned Books Week events in your area (especially if you have a large local following)
  • Share tips for having a BBW party, including decorations, recipes and activities
  • Create a themed recipe around a banned book, either inspired by the book itself or the author’s heritage